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Hi everyone!

This is (if I'm not mistaken) the first message to
debian-accessiblity@lists.debian.org.  I'd like to introduce the
topic, and say some initial words to get discussion started.

  First of all, I want to express my thanks to the listmasters for
finally creating this list.

What is this all about:

  Just to give a brief introduction: People with disabilities
(whatsoever) often have problems working with the standard interfaces
computer programs provide.  This is, what this list is about, finding,
identifying, discussing and fixing accessibility related issues in the
Debian Operating System.

To get started, please have a look at my very
brief page about it at

Please bear in mind that accessibility in general, covers a lot of
different user's needs.  It might be related to the hearing impaired,
to the sight impaired, to people with physical disabilities which for
instance, limit their typing capabilities and so on.  Having said
this, personally, I'll focus on working at topics related to blind
users.  This is, because I'm blind myself.  I'll not be able to work
on all accessibility issues, and we will certainly need experts in
certain different areas if we want to succeed.  But this, time will


  One of the more important long-term tasks we have is
creating a Debian Accessibility HOWTO, to collect all the
relevant information.  Boris Daix has offered
to work on this, and will probably have some comments about his current status.

Besides that, we still need Gnopernicus packaged, to provide
a GNOME screen reader.  I've hired Colin Walters
to have a look at this very complicated issue.  I'm quite eager
to hear news in this direction, but so far, we have to wait.

I think one of the topics of this list should also be web-accessibility.
Be it the Debian Web pages itself, or web-applications
which are packaged for Debian.

Focus of this list:

Well, just to re-emphasis it: This list is for Users as well
as for Developers.  So, to the users, please bear with us, if
we're discussing technical matters on this list.  To the developers,
please try to help users whenever you can.
The reasoning behind this is quite simple: It is very hard
to make accessibility-support really working, since this
is a topic which is not very widely known about.  So to provide
user support, as well as developer coordination, the best choice
was (IMHO) to merge those two areas into one list.

OK, thats it for now, hope to read you all soon!

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