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Re: Testing DebianEdu

Hi Dashamir,

sorry for the late reply! and while I was thinking about some emails from
you I still want to answer I realized I should ask you, whether you know about
IRC and the #debian-edu channel on irc.debian.org?

https://webchat.oftc.net/?channels=#debian-edu is an easy way to connect with 
a webbrowser, though I'd recommend a native client :)

I usually reply more quickly on IRC, if I can contribute...

On Fri, Sep 30, 2022 at 09:17:37PM +0200, Dashamir Hoxha wrote:
> and, are you testing Debian Edu bullseye or bookworm?
> >
> bullseye
> The aim of this testing is to get used with DebianEdu, and to teach an
> online course about it (which is going to be announced soon). So, I guess
> that the latest stable version is more suitable.

ok, that's very cool and a sensible approach and we definitly can use more
testers and more tutorials for stable!


are the main sources to document the status and everything else about Bullseye.

> Do you think we should use bookworm?

well, yes, no, maybe ;D

If you are not familar with Debian Edu it's definitly better to first make
you familar with it, using a stable release.

And then, Debian Edu definitly needs more helping hands, in general, but also
for the maintenance of the current stable release (see URLs above and please
also file Debian bugs where appropriate ;) and especially also for developing
and testing and documenting the next release, which goes by these URLs:



Currently Debian Edu Bookworm is broken though, because of
"gosa: completly broken in bookworm, breaking debian-edu"

Fixing that requires someone knowing how to port PHP apps from php 7.4
to 8.x - do you happen to know someone who knows how to do that or has
time and skills to learn this? ;)


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