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Stepping out of the project


As you already know (probably), a few months ago I volunteered to do something about helping the Debian Academy project/idea to get started. That's why I started the training about "How to Teach Online Courses" (https://ocw.fs.al/course/view.php?id=33). The idea was to see if there is enough interest and support in the Debian community about organizing online courses. If this attempt was successful, we could ask for resources from DebianNet to install the needed infrastructure (Moodle etc.)

However jathan rushed to make a VPS request, which was granted, but then there was not enough support for registering the needed DNS records. I can't blame jathan, because he tried his best, despite having no time to participate in the meetings and to help otherwise.

The truth is that there has been very little interest in participating in the course that I mentioned above. In the first meeting there were only 5-6 people present, from which only 2-3 affiliated to Debian. In the second meeting there was only 1 person present, and in the third meeting almost no one.

I am going to run the fourth meeting anyway, as planned, even if there is no one present. But this performance tells me that my plan has failed, this is not how it works, this is not the right way to do it, or whatever. I tried my best with the skills and knowledge that I have, but it didn't work.

Besides, the very same people who tell me "thank you for organizing this" and "thank you for doing that", also tell me that the way that I do things and the way that I communicate is pissing them off, making them not willing to help. I always try to use the best manners of communication, but I don't try to please anybody, because I know that I can't please everybody.

Mainly because my attempt to restart the project failed, but also because some people perceive me as a hindrance to the efforts for developing the project, I have decided to step out of the project. I am not sorry at all for the time and efforts that I have spent so far, instead I am proud of it, and I hope and wish that the project has more success in the future.

Kind regards,

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