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Adapt demo site

Hello all,

I've now completed the setup for the Adapt authoring tool demo site (find
details below).

I'm going to create a very basic course so that people can jump straight in and
get a feel for the interactions etc. I'd recommend anyone interested uses the
following guide to get started creating their own courses:

Please note that I set this site up as a temporary demo site, as I needed to
purchase the server space, the domain (mostly for the secure connection) etc.
This means the site will likely only be available for the next 4-6 weeks -
ensure you back up any course you've created by clicking the "Export source" button.

If we decide we'd like Adapt to be a permanent fixture for Debian Academy, I can
then work on setting up a permanent instance, domain etc. Others would need to
support me with this in terms of what domain is best, where the server should
ideally be located, how much storage is needed, security considerations and so on.

If you like what Adapt offers, I'd highly recommend setting up your own local
virtual machine and installing Adapt that way so you can spend longer
experimenting with the tool (I can provide guidance for this). I also recently
wrote an Adapt install Bash script, which makes installing Adapt and its
dependencies on Debian (or Ubuntu) quick and easy - I just need to apply a fix
for this and I'll then provide a link to the repo.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Adapt demo site details:

URL:	https://adaptda.uk
User:	guest@debian.adapt
Pass:	UnmarkedCarwashUsable

Sam Howell (he/him)
Mail:      freelearning@protonmail.com
Website:   https://lms.samhowell.uk
PGP:       E9BC FB86 4A88 AAB4 C214 C1CD 70C0 E75F 6808 A221

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