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Re: Screen recorders

On 05/10/2020 13:03, Paul Sutton wrote:
> Hi All
> I am sure this question may be applicable or useful to others creating
> courses etc.
> What would be a good tool to allow the recording the use of an
> application under Debian,  either the full screen or ideally just the
> application in focus at the time, (xfce4-screen shooter refers to this
> as the 'active window')
> This could be useful for making short videos on a wide range of topics
> by recording the screen, audio can be added later or at the time.
> Thanks for any help / suggestions
> Regards
> Paul Sutton

Hi Gregor / Mechtilde

Thanks for this vokoscreen looks great for what I am looking for,  going
to have a go at making some rocks and diamonds videos to begin with.
(how to do various things) then look at more complex stuff.

I will upload any videos to my personal peer tube account


Of course any that are specific for the DebianAcademy can be uploaded
directly to the Academy Peertube instance or downloaded and shared as

Thanks, got something to experiment with this week now :)



Paul Sutton, Cert ContSci (Open)
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