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Re: globus-net-manager FTBFS during python 3.10 transition


Now the openssl3 transition is underway, and many more of the globus
packages fail in the same way.

My original idea that it was failing due to doxygen using an input
filter, seems to be incorrect. Only 4 of the globus packages uses an
input filter, an many more of them are failing than those ones.

I did not try all the failed builds on mitchy.debian.net (the m68k
porterbox), but I did try 3 of them and the builds succeeded there.

I have noticed that in addition to m68k and sh4, the builds also fail
in the same way on the hppa host known as pasta, but when given back
and run on a different hppa host they succeed.

One failure on pasta - give back succeded on pacific

Two failures on pasta - third attempt on physik succeeded

Is this related?

The logs look OK, the configure scripts find /usr/bin/doxygen, and
there in a call to /usr/bin/doxygen in the log. There are no errors
reported in the log from the doxygen call, but the files that the call
is supposed ro produce are not there later during the install phase.

rm -rf doc
touch doc-stamp


tor 2022-05-12 klockan 18:10 +0200 skrev Laurent Vivier:
> Le 12/05/2022 à 17:51, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz a écrit :
> > On 5/12/22 17:45, Laurent Vivier wrote:
> > > No, the 'F' means 'fix-binary':
> > > 
> > > The interpreter is loaded in memory once when the binfmt_misc is
> > > configured (when
> > > the configuration is written to
> > > /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/register) from the host
> > > filesystem. So you don't need to put it in the chroot.
> > 
> > So, the flags are correct then? Is there any way to properly test
> > the argument issue?
> > 
> > Adrian
> > 
> The flags are correct.
> This can be tested with:
>        $ sudo chroot m68k-chroot sh -c 'echo $0'
>        sh
> if the argument is not properly managed, you would have
> "/usr/bin/sh".
> Thanks,
> Laurent

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