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Re: openjdk-8 failure

Hi Adrian,

>When Matthias re-uploaded openjdk-8 for bootstrapping Kotlin, I just
>rebuilt the last working version 8u171-b11-2 [1] for m68k and uploaded

I see.

>I tried fixing the issue you are seeing but just gave up at some point

OK, thanks for the confirmation.

>because I was hoping that the Kotlin guys will eventually jump to
>openjdk-11 which works way better on all architectures (except currently
>riscv64 it seems).

I’d surely hope so. My current hope is that it only needs to be
bootstrapped on one architectures and is arch:all afterwards,
but I don’t know. (I’m not even sure anyone knows, at this point.)

>Is there a reason the Kotlin developers are stuck on version 8?

I don’t know that either. I just know openjdk-8 is still used by
lots of people, supported in stretch LTS and jessie ELTS, also in
xenial, but it vanished due to Matthias seemingly being disinterested
in making the jump to build with GCC 10. I had been building updated
copies locally, but then came
which gave me the incentive to resurrect it in unstable proper.
(Which also possibly makes it easier to support (E)LTS.)

But okay, it’s no biggie, there’s 11, and we can look at 8 again
only if it’ll indeed end up being needed (which wouldn’t work for
the next stable anyway so I’d assume it won’t be needed).

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