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Re: Updated installer images 2020-12-02


I gave the installer a try in emulated 32Mhz
Falcon, using just released Hatari v2.3.1

030 cache and prefetch emulation still need to be
disabled for kernel to boot.  That's same both
with minimal monolithic v5.10 m68k kernel built
from sources with GCC v8.3, and with the modular
v5.10 from Debian kernel package.

I noticed few issues with the Debian installer:

* It doesn't invert highlighted row on monochrome
  resolutions, so it's unusable on them.  Maybe
  it should refuse to run in unsupported

* While kernel runs init a minute after being
  booted [1], installer is *much* slower.

  E.g. after pressing Enter to select another
  country, it takes 5-10 mins until installer
  presents me with a list from which I can select

* Non-ASCII language names in language selection
  screen aren't shown with correct console fonts
  (NatFeats output of the same text on my x86
  Debian host gnome terminal looked fine)

Testing things this far took at least hour for
each run, due to installer slowness.  Does anybody
happen to have an already installed minimal and up
to date Debian m68k disk image?

I've updated Hatari m68k-linux doc instructions on
how to run these tests in case somebody else wants
also to test.  Doc will get exported here in few

	- Eero

[1] Hatari profiler shows kernel CPU usage to go
in boot, until first sbrk() system call, to:
Executed instructions:
  19.16%    25366973   memset
   7.97%    10548067   memcpy
   3.31%     4379652   _parse_integer
   1.88%     2489653   bit_putcs
   1.85%     2452344   link_path_walk
   1.82%     2406272   atafb_mfb_linefill
   1.26%     1672580   memmap_init_zone
   1.26%     1664687   timekeeping_advance
   1.10%     1452290   strlen
   1.07%     1422344   get_page_from_freelist
   1.05%     1388376   psi_group_change.constprop.0
   0.94%     1240372   kmem_cache_alloc
   0.71%      936593   add_interrupt_randomness
   0.69%      909479   __d_lookup_rcu
   0.68%      896967   __ashldi3
   0.64%      849576   atafb_imageblit
   0.62%      822723   kernfs_name_hash
   0.62%      820971   __list_add_valid
   0.54%      708561   notify_change
   0.51%      679840   __free_one_page

In cycles, memcpy() uses a bit more compared to
memset(), but memset() still takes most CPU.

Attached are partial callgraphs showing where
they're most called from.  Percentages in the
arrow lines indicate each function node's share
of those calls.

(It's probably not too interesting, but IMHO
fairly good demonstration of what the Hatari
profiler can do for m68k kernel-side debugging &
optimization, even without cycle accurate 030
cache emulation.)

On 12/3/20 4:05 PM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
I uploaded updated Debian installer CD images today.

These come with the latest versions of the kernel and the debian-installer
application as well as various other updates. The images can be found at
the usual location [1] as well as the debian-installer for netboot [2].

Known issues:

- We still don't have support for contrib and non-free, so the images are
   missing non-free firmware. It is planned that the Debian Ports FTP server
   will be extended to support contrib and non-free but I don't have any
   influence on that as this is up to the Debian Ports FTP maintainers.

So far, I have tested the images on sparc64 only. Please test on the other
architectures and report back.


[1] https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/ports/snapshots/2020-12-03/
[2] https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/ports/debian-installer/2020-12-03/

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