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Virtual m68k Developer Meeting 2020


during a nice virtual meeting we've had on 5th of June with a couple a people from the m68k community, the decision was made to organize a
virtual meeting for 2020 (which might be followed by a 'in person'
meeting in 2021).

I've setup a poll to find a date (or multiple dates) in Q4/2020. If you are interested in joining the meeting, please go to the poll and fill in
your dates:

The poll will run until end of August, the date(s) for the meeting will
be announced in the first week of September.

The next virtual eventing chat meeting will be on 10th of July 2020
starting at 8:00pm CEST (20:00 H) on <https://meet.m68k.info> (the
meeting page will appear until this date [famous last words]).



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