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Re: Planning a Debian/Linux m68k Meeting in 2020


On 20.05.20 22:36, Carsten Strotmann wrote:
> Hi,
> Carsten Strotmann <cas@strotmann.de> writes:
>> Hi,
>> after the nice meeting we had in 2018, I've started planning a meeting
>> for 2020 (I'm an optimist).
>> So far, there is no date or location, but I've updated the website:
>> <https://m68kmeeting.linuxkistchen.de/>
>> If the current COVID-19 situation will continue over the summer, the
>> event could be held in cyberspace as a virtual conference. Maybe it is
>> alwys a good idea to offer an virtual attendance option for people who
>> cannot travel.
>> I'm interested in feedback on possible locations, dates, virtual
>> conferences and such.
>> Stay save
>> Carsten
> after collecting some feedback, we will now try to get a small online
> workshop organized to discuss a possible 2020 m68k meeting (virtual or/and
> in person).
> Here is a poll for a date for the planning workshop (not for the m68k
> meeting):
> <https://nuudel.digitalcourage.de/li1otkp9sBrzu9Xm>
> The meeting time would be 20:00 CEST.
> I operate a Jitsi Video-Conference-Server we could use for the meeting,
> but I'm also open for other options.

the meeting will be this coming Friday 5th June 20:00 CEST on the Jitsi
Videoconferencing server:


There is currently password protection enabled for this server, the
server will be open 30 minutes before the meeting starts.

Topics to discuss (non exhaustive):

 * virtual and/or in-person meeting options
 * location
 * date and time
 * scope (Topics for the meeting)
 * Agenda for meeting (Talks? Moderated Discussions? Training for new
project members ....)

If you have additions to the Agenda let me know.

See you there


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