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Re: Bug#940697: marked as pending in samba

On 9/19/19 1:46 PM, Mathieu Parent (Debian) wrote:
I noticed two issues with my patch:

1) In debian/rules, the if-condition should start with "ifneq", not "ifeq".

2) in debian/ctdb.install, "linux-any" should be replaced with
     "amd64 arm64 i386 mips64el ppc64el ppc64 x32".

Apologies for the mistakes. I wasn't finished with full testing when I submitted the patch.

It also seems that ceph can be enabled on more architectures than

         amd64 arm64 i386 mips64el ppc64el ppc64 x32

but the primary problem that needs to be fixed first is that samba hangs during configure
on at least armel, armhf, mipsel and powerpc. We need to figure out what's happening

See https://salsa.debian.org/samba-team/samba/commit/f3b77f815ed9bba8e0969ecc8b359f6721210146

Applied in upcoming 4.11.

Ok, great. Then you just need to incorporate the two corrections for my patch
above as otherwise the package won't build on any architecture.


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