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Re: moving affs + RDB partition support to staging?

Michael Schmitz - 07.05.18, 04:40:
> Al,
> I don't think there is USB sticks with affs on them as yet. There
> isn't even USB host controller support for Amiga hardware (yet).
> Last I tried USB on m68k (Atari, 060 accelerator) the desktop
> experience was such that I'd rather not repeat that in a hurry (and
> that was a simple FAT USB stick).

There is USB support available on Amiga since a long time.

On "Classic" Amigas AmigaOS 3.x with Poseidon USB stack + some USB card.

On AmigaOS 4.x built-in. AmigaOS 4.x hardware like Sam boards from Acube 
Systems have USB controllers that work out of the bux.

And I am pretty sure, you can also tell it to use Amiga Fast Filesystem 
(on Linux affs) on an USB stick. Also you can plug in an external 
harddisk with RDB partitions and whatever filesystems you wish.


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