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Re: Help installing Debian on an LCII macintosh

On Sat, 30 Dec 2017, tom lukeywood wrote:

> Hello I am trying to install Debian on my old LCII i found recently 
> found in an attic and I am currently trying to find an install disk to 
> use.
> i have found this page: 
> http://archive.debian.org/debian/dists/etch-m68k/
> but it cant find anything that looks like a Debian installer floppy 
> image.
> Where are the floppy images for Debian etch m68k?

Etch was never officially released for m68k. I don't recall any floppy 
images but Stephen Marenka produced an ISO available here:

The etch-m68k installer does require some kernel parameters. Please see,

> also my LC II has 8MB of ram.
> Is it reasonably to run Debian etch or should i try Potato instead?

The installation guide says that Potato only requires 5 MB of RAM. Sarge 
requires 32 MB. This suggests that the Etch installer may not succeed.

> thanks in advance.

If I was attempting this, I'd put the swap partition on solid state 
storage (e.g. SCSI2SD) and fit the maximum RAM and an external CD-ROM 
drive (or use the hd-media method).

A number of Mac device drivers in the old kernel releases are unstable 
so I recommend you use a recent kernel binary instead: 



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