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Re: Mac emulation, was Re: gcc-4.6.3

On Wed, 9 Nov 2016, I wrote:

> On Wed, 9 Nov 2016, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > 
> > Having something like ARAnyM for Mac or Amiga would increase coverage, 
> > but the varied and quirky Mac hardware out there makes that almost 
> > pointless again.
> AFAIK, MAME/MESS is the only thing that would be accurate enough.
> For the Mac models that I was interested in (LC III for Egret and LC 520 
> for Cuda), I was able to patch some of the known bugs in MAME/MESS to 
> get the ROM to boot to a flashing question mark, but I didn't try to 
> boot any further. I will try loading EMILE.

Unfortunately EMILE did not boot the emulated Mac IIx or Mac IIci in 
MAME/MESS. This resulted in a sad mac (0000000F 00000002):

$ pramutil -f ~/.sdlmess/nvram/maciix/rtc --boot-slot e --boot-slotrsrc 254
$ sdlmess -ramsize 8M maciix -nbe image -disk boot-2.6.18-mac_0.12.bin

$ pramutil -f ~/.sdlmess/nvram/maciici/rtc --boot-slot e --boot-slotrsrc 254
$ sdlmess -ramsize 16M maciici -nbe image -disk boot-2.6.18-mac_0.12.bin

Both of these emulated machines were able to boot to the desktop using a 
System 7 disk image.

I didn't test EMILE on the emulated LC III as I can't make that machine 
load any media at all, so I can't get past the flashing question mark.


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