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Re: Enabling PIE by default for Stretch

Niels Thykier:
> Hi,
> As brought up on the meeting last night, I think we should try to go for
> PIE by default in Stretch on all release architectures!
>  * It is a substantial hardening feature
>  * Upstream has vastly reduced the performance penalty for x86
>  * The majority of all porters believe their release architecture is
>    ready for it.
>  * We have sufficient time to solve any issues or revert if it turns out
>    to be too problematic.
> [...]
>  * Deadline for major concerns:  Fri, 7th of October 2016.
> [...]
> Thanks,
> ~Niels
> [...]

It appears that there were no major concerns.  I will follow up #835148
and request PIE by default for the following architectures.

 * amd64
 * arm64
 * armel
 * armhf
 * i386
 * mips
 * mips64el
 * mipsel
 * ppc64el
 * s390x

Should you be a porter for an architecture not listed above and want PIE
by default on your architecture, please follow up on #835148 as well (or
a file a new wishlist bug if #835148 is closed when you do it)

NB: The omission of powerpc was intentional as there were no porters
supporting it during the roll-call.


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