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Re: Porter roll call for Debian Stretch

On Wed, Aug 17, 2016 at 10:05:06PM +0200, niels@thykier.net wrote:
>  * If we were to enable -fPIE/-pie by default in GCC-6, should that change
>    also apply to this port? [0]

If -fPIE is the default will -fPIC override it?

It will also default to tell the linker to use -pie, but then
don't do it when you want to create a shared library?

>From what I understand, depending on what the .o file is going to
be used for you want different things:
- shared library: -fPIC
- executable: -fPIC or -fPIE both work, but prefer -fPIE
- static library: Same as executables

For static libraries we now have a policy to not use -fPIC,
should that then get replaced by using -fPIE?


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