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Re: FYI, gcc-5 is currently BD-Uninstallable

On 19.12.2015 14:57, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:

gcc-5 is currently BD-Uninstallable because I am building gcc-5 with
gnat-5 enabled right now. For that purpose, Matthias has provided
me with cross-compiled gnat-5 packages for m68k (and also sh4 and
sparc64) which work fine.

I will upload my manually built gcc-5 as soon as possible. Currently
my m68k porterbox is just busy with another package, but I expect
gcc-5 to be uploaded with 1-2 days.

I didn't see that gnat-4.9 already is in the archive. So you should be fine to build gnat-5 using gnat-4.9 as well.

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