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Re: questionable use of qemu-m68k for building (was Re: ruby2.2 fuckup)

On 12/05/2015 09:12 PM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> And, yes, this is well known and being worked on.

FYI, it's cas2 which is missing:

(sid-m68k-sbuild)root@z6:/# objdump --disassemble libpthread-2.21.so |
grep cas2l
    dcae:	0efc 8100 9141 	cas2l %d0,%d1,%d4,%d5,%a0@,%a1@
    dd6c:	0efc a182 b1c3 	cas2l %d2,%d3,%d6,%d7,%a2@,%a3@
    dda0:	0efc a006 b047 	cas2l %d6,%d7,%d0,%d1,%a2@,%a3@
    de26:	0efc a084 b0c5 	cas2l %d4,%d5,%d2,%d3,%a2@,%a3@
    de74:	0efc 8102 9143 	cas2l %d2,%d3,%d4,%d5,%a0@,%a1@
    ded4:	0efc a102 6143 	cas2l %d2,%d3,%d4,%d5,%a2@,@(%d6)
    e026:	0efc 8100 9141 	cas2l %d0,%d1,%d4,%d5,%a0@,%a1@
    e140:	0efc a182 b1c3 	cas2l %d2,%d3,%d6,%d7,%a2@,%a3@
    e17a:	0efc a006 b047 	cas2l %d6,%d7,%d0,%d1,%a2@,%a3@
    e200:	0efc a084 b0c5 	cas2l %d4,%d5,%d2,%d3,%a2@,%a3@
    e27c:	0efc 8102 6143 	cas2l %d2,%d3,%d4,%d5,%a0@,@(%d6)
    e2f8:	0efc a184 81c5 	cas2l %d4,%d5,%d6,%d7,%a2@,%a0@
(sid-m68k-sbuild)root@z6:/# objdump --disassemble
/lib/m68k-linux-gnu/libpthread-2.19.so | grep cas2l



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