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Re: Fwd: slony1-2_2.2.4-2_m68k.changes REJECTED

On 2015-09-09 11:52, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> On 09/09/2015 11:20 AM, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> > As you can see the file is corrupted (though it is correctly
> > GPG signed), so mini-dak can't parse the changes file to determine
> > the architecture. Hence the error "wrong-arch".
> > 
> > It's not a problem on the debian-ports side.
> Then why does it affect multiple buildds and architectures?
> I find it highly unlikely that all of them fail at the same
> time with the same error unless there is some sort of
> quantum entanglement between all these machines.

You have shown that the file is corrupted *on the buildd*. How can
debian-ports play a role there?

I don't say nothing is broken, I say debian-ports is not the culprit


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