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Re: M68K status

Am 27.05.2015 um 02:33 schrieb John Voltz <john@spy-free.net>:

> I'm just trying to figure out where the status of the m68k port of Debian stands. There doesn't appear to be too much activity on the mailing list, and I see nothing big has made it's way to the official releases. Can someone update me on where everything stands? Who's working on what? I've been trying to install Debian on this machine for days, with very little luck. I've tried installing Sarge, but amiboot 5.6 and 6.0 both have problems. If I try to start the installer from the workbench, the kernel freezes at a black screen. If I connect to the serial port, I see ABCDGHIJK then nothing happens. Passing console=ttyS0,9600n8 also produces no output. If I boot into early startup (holding both mouse buttons) and choose boot with no startup sequence, then run setpatch, the kernel will then load and run normally. Has grub(2) been ported to m68k? If not, how do you install amiga-lilo, and would that help? Does anyone know where to find the amiboot source code?

Do you have "devtmpfs.mount=1“ to your options of the kernel command line?
Do you have your kernel unzipped?

> With the Debian Etch CD, my system freezes at the point in the installer where the drive is being formatted with ext3. Also, when choosing StartInstall_retz3, I don't get video on my Retina card, just black and white video on the motherboard ECS output. The kernel on the Etch CD is able to detect the separate LUNs on my media card reader, which is nice. Sarge's kernel only detects LUN 0 (PCMCIA slot).

You can always try to add „debug=mem“ to your kernel command line and see with „dmesg“ after the next reboot on AmigaOS what went wrong. 

> I've been spending a lot of time lately tinkering with my Amiga, and I would like to help with the project in any way I can. I'm about intermediate level with C and C++ programming, and I've been using Linux (Fedora usually) since about 2004. I've contributed a few patches to the WINE project and once submitted a patch for the Linux CIFS driver. Sadly they were all turned down for various reasons, but that's ok.
> I have an Amiga A3000D, with the following specs:
> 1. Cyberstorm MKII '060/50 with 128MB RAM
> 2. 16MB motherboard fast RAM
> 3. 256MB ZorRam card
> 4. A2065 ethernet
> 5. Retina Z3 video
> 6. Buster 11
> 7. V-Lab Y/C video digitizer
> 8. external Yamaha SCSI CD burner
> 9. PCD-60B SCSI media card reader, used as my main storage with a 32GB CF card
> 10. WD33C93 rev. C SCSI controller clocked at full-speed (20MHz)
>    (and yes, I still have a specially ordered tube of some Rev.C WD chips...they exist)
> 11. AmigaOS 3.9 with Boing Bags 1-4.
> 12. Custom 3.1 kickstart ROM I made with Remus, which has scsi.device 43.45

I’m a little unsure about the A2065 and maybe the AmigaOS3.9 part. The A2065 should run, but as most people uses Ariadne or other cards, I’m not sure in which condition the A2065 driver is. 
But basically this setup should work. I do have 2x A3000D as well… except for the BRP+ or whatever other kind of 256MB Zorro RAM card you are using. See https://blog.windfluechter.net/content/blog/2013/12/18/1677-debian-donation-m68k-arrived for details why it might be better to remove that card for the first start. 

Anyway: welcome to Debian 68k! :)

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