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Re: Bug#399608: fixed in sysvinit 2.88dsf-59.1

Hello Adrian!

Thanks for raising awareness about this issue. If there's anything
I can do to help please tell me. That the new util-linux version hasn't
been built yet sounds like it can't be avoided as it was just uploaded
and unfortunately the sysvinit and util-linux update is a lockstep
upgrade where both change at the same time as things are moved between
the packages. There's no intermediate step possible, because the
moved binaries always needs to be available at all times and thus
have tight dependencies in both directions. Not sure how dependencies
affects the build of these packages though.... They should both be
able to build on systems with older versions of the packages installed
and build independently. It's just the installation of the packages
that need to be done together.
I'd love if porters got more involved in helping out with util-linux
as I'm mostly (happily) unaware of the situation on many architectures.

Andreas Henriksson

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