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Re: Fwd: Log for attempted build of gluegen2_2.2.4-2 on m68k (dist=unstable)

tony mancill dixit:

>> should then be disabled on gcj arches, or rather, use a versioned B-D

>Thank you for the bringing this up.  I'm in the process of preparing an
>upload for https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=746493 and
>will add a versioned build-dep.

OK, thanks! That should bring those packages (ipig_0.0.r5-1 is also
affected, FWIW) on the Auto-Not-For-Us or BD-Uninstallable list.

<ch> you introduced a merge commit        │<mika> % g rebase -i HEAD^^
<mika> sorry, no idea and rebasing just fscked │<mika> Segmentation
<ch> should have cloned into a clean repo      │  fault (core dumped)
<ch> if I rebase that now, it's really ugh     │<mika:#grml> wuahhhhhh

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