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Re: Time to change the debian-ports "list"?


On 05/09/14 18:39, Steve McIntyre wrote:
>  * Remove the confusion: turn debian-ports into a separate *normal*
>    mailing list, announce it and let people subscribe to it [...]

That sounds perfect IMHO.  It could be used for general discussion about
porting, upcoming new ports, or any ports that don't quite merit having
their own mailing list yet.

>    "debian-cross-ports" or "debian-architectures" or something.

I'd prefer not to have it, or have to sign up to it as a porter.  It'd
probably get more spam than useful mail.

I can't think of a reason to mail *all* ports that wouldn't be
appropriate for debian-devel-announce;  or if your mail only concerns a
few ports it should be convenient to cross-post to the relevant ports'
lists only.

Steven Chamberlain

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