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Re: [PATCH v3 0/4] Atari kernel-in-FastRAM patches v3

Hi Michael,

>> Thank you - anyone testing these please note that the Falcon SCSI DMA
>> dribble buffer handling in the SCSI patch is still faulty. You should
>> _not_ attempt to use SCSI when running the kernel in FastRAM.
> Found the error, most likely - when the kernel runs in FastRAM,
> m68k_num_memory is == 1. Is there a way to access the bootinfo view of the
> number of memory chunks after the MMU init code has tweaked m68k_num_memory,
> Geert?

You mean the ones that were removed due to "Ignoring memory chunk"?

No, bootinfo is gone, unless saved for kexec with CONFIG_BOOTINFO_PROC=y.

What exactly is the issue?



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