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Re: Bug#746588: gnat should be an architecture dependent package

Nicolas Boulenguez writes:
> Ludovic, could you describe the scenario you are trying to prevent?

The scenario I'd like to prevent is wherein most architectures use
gnat-4.9 to build all other Ada packages but one architecture decides to
use gnat-4.8 instead, resulting in compilation problems and wasted
effort on that architecture.

Matthias said:
> sure, the immediate problem is solved until the next port with a
> version discrepancy.

A "port with a version discrepancy" is precisely the scenario I want to

I'm not ideologically opposed to making gnat architecture-dependent,
it's just that gnat has now become architecture-independent thanks to
your moving /usr/bin/gnatgcc out of it.  I think making gnat
architecture-dependent again would only help this bad scenario.

The part about gnat build-depending on gnat-4.9 is OK for me, of course.

Ludovic Brenta.

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