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Re: Bug#746588: gnat should be an architecture dependent package

Matthias Klose dixit:

>sure, the immediate problem is solved until the next port with a version

Well there is one… m68k has gnat-4.6 (although Andreas Schwab did
post experimental patches for 4.9 today or yesterday, IIRC).

So this change broke it for m68k and, what’s worse, made it impossible
for you (gnat maintainers) to easily fix it.

The proper fix would have been to upload an arch:any gnat_4.6.2 first,
then an arch:any gnat_4.9 which would need to Build-Depends on gnat-4.9
(so wanna-build would only schedule it once gnat-4.9 was available on
that particular architecture).

If you upload an arch:any gnat_4.9.1 with Build-Depends on gnat-4.9
now, I can fix the problem by uploading an arch:any gnat_4.6.1+m68k
into dpo unreleased. But this is impossible for as long as the pak-
kage in unstable is arch:any.

(I started testing to build gcc-4.9 in the meantime, and Helmut Grohne
apparently is regularily rebootstrapping (cross) m68k with it, so it’d
probably work.)

This space for rent.

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