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Re: How to get d-i udeb packages for hppa-only back into unstable?

On 05/02/2014 10:05 PM, Helge Deller wrote:
>> This needs to be addressed on d-i side; we need better support
>> for the dpo 'unreleased' suite there.
> Sounds not very simple or clean.
> How did you solved that on m68k then?

We didn't yet :(. You have to partition the disk manually and copy
a root filesystem onto it.

I agree with Thorsten, this is a fundamental problem with Debian ports
that needs to be addressed, especially when you look at the stats how
well architectures like alpha or hppa are able to keep up with the
main archive. If it wasn't for the lack of support in Debian installer,
we would always have up-to-date install media for port architectures.

Maybe this problem gets more attention within the rest of Debian when
sparc, which has recently been dropped from testing, will move to the
ports side. Since there are still many people running Debian on sparc,
there might be an incentive to solve this problem.


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