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Partitioning Mac drives


I have started installing Debian/m68k on a Centris 650 which I wanted
to set up as another buildd. This is my first attempt to install Debian
on an 68k Mac, all my previous installation efforts were on Amigas.

I installed a new, larger hard drive into the Mac (160 GB Seagate with
the help of a SCSI-to-IDE bridge) and installed MacOS 8 plus the update
to 8.1 without any trouble. Only problem was to get disk partitioned
which required the use of a third-party tool (I used FWB Hard Disk
Toolkit 1.6) to create a 4 GB partition for MacOS.

After installing MacOS and verifying the Mac was booting fine, I hooked
up the disk to my Debian desktop and used gparted to create additional
partitions for the root system, swap and the buildd. Then I copied the
3.2 Mac kernel and Penguin onto the Mac partition. All these steps
went without errors.

Putting the disk back into the Mac, however, bore a bad surprise, the
Mac no longer recognized any partitions on the drive and refused to

Anyone has any idea what could have happened? Did the additional
partitioning mess up the partition table or is HFS support in the
Linux kernel broken?



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