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elgar now runs 3.12-1-m68k and systemd


Just a quick update on the kernel running on elgar, I finally have it
up and running with 3.12-1-m68k.

Last time I tried, elgar simply got stuck somewhere around the time
when he was trying to mount the filesystems and Geert was suggesting
trying to remove the "debug=ser" line from the kernel command line
(I can't find the mail anymore, unfortunately), but that wasn't
necessary, elgar boots just fine now :).

Plus, kernel 3.12-1-m68k makes the machine more responsive (I made the
same experience on my amd64 machines) and I finally replaced System V
Init with systemd which allows me to much more conveniently disable
and enable services using systemctl and also gives me some introspection
which services take how much time to boot. Very handy when trying
to remove unnecessary services.

Only backdraw is that CGroups are unfortunately currently disabled on
the m68k kernel. Would these take too much memory when enabling? I'd
love to fully use systemd on my Amigas :).


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