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Changed LVM snapshots to btrfs snapshots


In the last days I migrated Vivaldi and Elgar from using LVM snapshots to btrfs snapshots.

Basically I did this: 

- stop the buildd, umount proc, sys & co from the chroot
- made a tarball
- removed LVs, VG and finally PV from the disk
- mkfs.btrs that partition
- mounted the partition under the previous mount point
- created a subvolume by using btrfs subvolume create /org/chroots/buildd-sid/buildd-base
- umounted the partition again
- mount -o subvol=buildd-base /dev/sda5 /org/chroots/buildd-sid
- edited fstab to match this
- untared the tarball again
- edited the schroot config to use btrfs snapshots (see below)
- mount -a 
- mkdir /org/chroots/buildd-sid/snapshots (for the btrfs snaps of the buildd)
- starting the buildd again

My schroot config is now as following: 

description=Debian sid btrfs snapshot

I don't know if that's the correct way to setup and configure btrfs snapshots for a buildd, but at least it seems to work. But I'm still unsure if everything is right and configured as intended... :)

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