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Re: Bug#697041: atlas: FTBFS: tune/sysinfo/GetSysSum.c:47: GetL1CacheSize: Assertion `system(ln) == 0' failed

Geert Uytterhoeven dixit:

>> I wonder: *does* m68k have something like an L1 cache, at all?
>68000 has nothing
>68010/68012 has 2 instruction loop mode (better than nothing ;-)
>68020 has 256 bytes instruction cache (IC)
>68030 has 256 bytes IC and 256 bytes data cache (DC)
>68040 has 4 KiB IC and 4 KiB DC
>68060 has 8 KiB IC and 8 KiB DC

Thanks! Sébastien, can you make something out of this
that helps us better or quicker? Consider that all of
our machines are 68020 and up, none Coldfire, and most
are probably 040 and 060, with some 030 in the mix?

>> Calculated L1 cache size = 8kb; Correct=0
>Hmm, 68060...

I think ARAnyM emulates an 040 though. It is
trying for 4 KiB right now, after the 8 KiB
attempt seems to have failed…

Calculated L1 cache size = 8kb; Correct=0

   Calculating L1 cache size:
      L1CS=2, time=56.780000 (ignore=0.0e+00)
      L1CS=4, time=49.800000 (ignore=0.0e+00)
      L1CS=8, time=52.690000 (ignore=0.0e+00)
      L1CS=16, time=53.410000 (ignore=0.0e+00)
      L1CS=32, time=56.280000 (ignore=0.0e+00)
      L1CS=64, time=54.020000 (ignore=0.0e+00)

      Timing differences below tolerance, trying larger maximum cache size:
      L1CS=2, time=211.770000 (ignore=0.0e+00)
      L1CS=4, time=205.270000 (ignore=0.0e+00)

But I’m a bit worrying it’ll just loop forever
and not get a correct answer.

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