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Re: Atari 4 MiB kernel limit

Michael Schmitz dixit:

> I am not aware of a strict 4MB kernel limit - the kernel needs to fit into
> ST-RAM entirely. ST-RAM may be as large as 14 MB.

There is one, but that seems to be related to, at least,
page table setup in early kernel space (but my attempts
at patching that didn't work either, so there is more).

> The initrd can be loaded anywhere - if the bootstrap supports loading the
> initrd to TT-RAM you should be fine.

OK. We need "lots of" TT-RAM already anyway, so... wfm.

> Geert has done ARAnyM tests - I suppose these were done with setting ST-RAM and
> TT-RAM sizes appropriately.

Yes, thanks you two.

Unfortunately, my time slot yesterday evening to hack on
the Debian/m68k kernel config got interrupted by loss of
ADSL connection :( but we'll see how far I'll get.

18:47⎜<mirabilos:#!/bin/mksh> well channels… you see, I see everything in the
same window anyway      18:48⎜<xpt:#!/bin/mksh> i know, you have some kind of
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