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Re: Relocation of Elgar to FU Berlin

On 06/02/2013 11:40 PM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
- replace all missing or worn screws with new ones


- replace all missing Zorro slot covers in the case


- replace the system disk with a new 250GB or 500GB drive

Done. Replaced with a brand new Seagate 80 GB IDE HDD.

- replace the backup battery of the clock

To be done.

- replace broken or missing connectors

The connectors were all ok. However, I might replace the
audio RCA jacks with new ones (I have the specific model),
they are a bit torn and bent.

- replace the CPU fan which is stuck


- check and replace case/PSU fans if necessary

Fans were ok after dusting.

- clean and dust the case and keyboard


Further upgrades might be possible through a 256MB BigRAMPlus
card from Individual Computers. Will post in an extra thread
for that.


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