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Re: Bug#698380: pari: FTBFS in dobench

Bill Allombert dixit:

>Excellent, thanks. Would it make sense to restart my aranym+distcc+crosscc
>m68k buildd ?

Hm. You’d better ask the official m68k porters (though, considering
the do-ocracy, people have been considering me one of these too, I
still bow to Wouter’s seniority and decades of experience).

I personally distrust ccache and don’t believe distcc can add anything
to most buildd-like tasks as they’re serial. (Actually, I’m usually
scheduling two package builds in parallel on those machines I don’t
yet have converted to buildd/sbuild yet, which is why my upload stats
are that high…)

If you ARAnyM can be made accessible from the outside, I’d rather set
up a porterbox…

>To start with, could you retry the build with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=noopt ?


„nein: BerliOS und Sourceforge sind Plattformen für Projekte, github ist
eine Plattform für Einzelkämpfer“
	-- dieses Zitat ist ein Beweis dafür, daß auch ein blindes Huhn
	   mal ein Korn findet, bzw. – in diesem Fall – Recht haben kann

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