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Re: Current state of the m68k buildds

On 2012-12-13 14:58, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:

so I have started to play around with the m68k port of Debian and I
really want this to happen.

This is great! :-)

While getting more familiar with the port I figured out both m68k
machines we have are currently down. Since I have full access to the
IT infrastructure at my old university, I could provide free hosting
for these machines if necessary.

Well, yes, temporarily they are offline/somewhere else, in order to update them and re-host them at NMMN in Hamburg. Having another colocation offer is appreciated as we have several machines available. I just got akire from Nuernberg last week that good be used as a buildd as well again - assuming that it is still working after 4-5 years in the basement. :-) But I haven't found the time to turn it on again and test it yet.

Since we also have lots of old hardware components lying around, I
could also provide hardware upgrades for the m68k machines if
necessary. There are lots of SCSI, SCA, IDE and of course spare SATA
drives available. Alll kinds of memory expansions and anything else
one might need. I could also offer help in fixing faulty electronics
(power supplies, motherboards etc).

That's a really helpful offer in my opinion! I've a bunch of older SCSI disks that are dying.

So, if there is anything that keeps these machines from being up and
running which I could fix, please let me know.

Thanks for your offers! I'm sure we could need one or the other part. And because Berlin is not that far away from Rostock, where I live, it totally makes sense for me.

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