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Re: [buildd] Action plan to get buildds getting online again

On 03/12/12 15:46, Finn Thain wrote:

On Sun, 2 Dec 2012, Wouter Verhelst wrote:

I have a completely fucked installation on quickstep. The MuckOS won't
do TCP/IP anymore, so I can't download from the Internet.

If this MacOS installation has a TCP stack, then the problem may be the
network interface. It will disappear in the absence of a working AAUI
(ethernet transceiver).

If MacOS has TCP control panels but they complain, then the network stack
may have been disabled in Extension Manager.

If no TCP stack is installed, you will need to use more disks or else use
the serial port (e.g. zmodem or localtalk) to get the OpenTransport
installer onto the target machine.

I don't think I have a working Mac CD-ROM anywhere anymore. The 2.2
kernels on the MacOS partition won't boot the installed system anymore,
but the keymap hasn't been configured for 2.6 yet. Also, the network
configuration is broken.

What this means is I can't reinstall the Linux system, and I can't fix
the current Linux system either. And I doubt I have any SCSI-capable
machines anywhere closeby that I can do a hard disk transplant to.

For that, I usually use a cross-compiled, non-modular kernel. I can build
one for you easily enough but I can't test it.

I can't help with a bootable System 7 installer CD. Mine is in storage and
I won't be able to access it until I'm next in Melbourne. Perhaps someone
else on this list can rip an image of one; it's easy enough (can use dd on
either Linux or OS X).


Emile has a rescue, netboot and a deb install floppy images. They at least will let you edit configs.


You download them, and write them with dd them from any linux box with a floppy (There may be a mac-floppy driver required) and the use them to launce your mac.

I know you can write the rescue disks from MacOS 10.4 with a external USB floppy drive and dd.

All you need is 15 year old floppy's that write and similar drives :)

Michael Tomkins
+61 408 172 142

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