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Re: [buildd] Action plan to get buildds getting online again

Wouter Verhelst dixit:

>I have a completely fucked installation on quickstep. The MuckOS won't
>What this means is I can't reinstall the Linux system, and I can't fix
>the current Linux system either. And I doubt I have any SCSI-capable
>machines anywhere closeby that I can do a hard disk transplant to.

Sounds like fun.

I’ve got a couple of SPARCstation at home, and SCSI controllers
for the PC (even an ISA one, I think…), and discs to go with it
(both 50-pin and SCA).

What order of magnitude hard disc size do you need, and what
precisely do you need *on* the hard disc? I can prepare one
and either send per post or drop off at FOSDEM or… if you
promise to keep all other attendees from harming me, might
come to the Mechelen BSP.

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