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Re: About gcc builtin atomics

Mikael Pettersson dixit:

>Sure, you can find three attrtab speedup patches I've backported from
>gcc-4.8/trunk to gcc-4.6.3 in:

Oh, you’re great, thanks!

All of them have been applied in trunk?

>Two are generic, one is m68k-specific.  The m68k-specific one makes a
>huge difference, even when building a cross-compiler on a fast x86_64.

OK, wonderful. I noticed genattrtab taking most of a day
since 4.4 or so…

>All three have been thoroughly regression-tested on multiple archs
>(m68k, armv5te, x86_64, sparc64, powerpc64).

OK, good to know.

>I also have corresponding patches for gcc-4.7.2, if you want them.

A pointer couldn’t hurt, although I’d just submit that to
the GCC maintainer, since I’m currently concentrating on
4.6 and not even patching 4.7.

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