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ANN: changed sources.list for my repositories

Hi everyone,

tl;dr update your /var/cache/pbuilder/base.cow/etc/apt/sources.list
and /etc/apt/sources.list files. And you can really debootstrap
from my repository now. (Not that debootstrapping from a live sid
repository has ever been a good idea, even in the main archive it
had often broken, so I created a testing chroot first and updated
that to sid.)

I decided to re-organise my APT repository a bit, to get faster
turnaround (dpkg-scan{packages,source}) times for myself after
building a package and uploading it (since dpo archive runs are
but every six hours), and to have one stable repository which
contains *only* proper packages from unstable and unreleased
(plus wtf-debian-keyring, otherwise cowbuilder will fail) and
is suitable for debootstrap (it even has InRelease and the old
Release+Release.gpg method for SecureAPT).

The new sid/main repository contains, as usual, everything needed
for a buildd chroot (cowbuilder or sbuild), as well as everything
for a normal debootstrap (up to Priority: standard with very few
exceptions that are all documented), plus a few commodities like
mksh, jupp, mc and our kernels. Use this for debootstrapping; if
you insist on pure Debian, purge wtf-debian-keyring afterwards,
and the result will not differ from a multistrap (except I put
debian-ports-archive-keyring into the required Priority in my
override files and demoted the Atari and Macintosh specific
tools). I’m not unwilling to add debian-installer stuff there or
at a related place, if this should be useful (think snapshotting
d-i so later updates of e.g. the kernel don't break it, since
the monolithic image isn't even available for m68k).

If there is *real* demand I could mirror this on people.d.o for
added “credibility”. Connection to there, which I believe is in
the USA, is very slow for me though.

All other repositories are intended to be used on wheezy/amd64
or later or sid/m68k and thus have only InRelease files:

The m68k/main repository is my staging area for packages I built,
until they show up on dpo and/or move to sid/main (which won’t
happen *that* often; and even if it does, 0-NOTE.txt contains the
location of a backup repository which I manually update with rsync
so that should be fine, but I pay for traffic there so be careful).
Also pure Debian/Debian-Ports there.

The cross/main repository is where I put the cross toolchain from
(now wheezy, former sid) amd64 to both linux-m68k and mint-m68k,
what few there is, anyway. They are built cleanly, from sources
of unstable or which I uploaded to unreleased.

Finally, there is hacks/clean (mostly packages built from older
Debian packages, or the respective arch:all dependencies those
have which you want™ to pin using /etc/apt/preferences’ version
pins) and hacks/dirty (everything goes – cross-compiled kernels,
hex-edited .deb packages, etc; but I need those to break cycles
sometimes). Never uploaded.

is something you can use as reference for /etc/apt/sources.list
on a user system (or even buildd outside of the chroot); do the
commenting-out as your taste is. Look at etc_apt_sources.list-cross
for the cross flavour if you need it and etc_apt_sources.list-chroot
as base for the buildd chroot. Please use a mirror of debian-ports
instead of the main one if you can.

https://www.freewrt.org/~tg/dp/debidx.htm is of course available
again, and https://www.freewrt.org/~tg/dp/files/ contains much
of what was previously hidden in one large 0-NOTE.txt split off
into individual files for easier perusal. The latter is in dp/
again, as it used to (together with the still-TODO notes about
setting up a buildd).

I can make available an updated chroot tarball, and with some
more effort, an updated base image (this time in three formats
I guess: a 25 GB (instead of 10 GB) ARAnyM image, a smallish
ext2fs filesystem, and a tarball. Also I have the intention of
cobbling together an initrd with which one could “install” a
system from those. Just, time…

//mira“let’s call it a day now, though”bilos
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