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Re: Bootstrapping GNOME, again

Josselin Mouette dixit:

>Yes, passing --disable-tracker instead of --enable-tracker should be

Thanks. For the record, I did that with glib-networking (libproxy)
and gvfs (gdu, libbluray), too; for subsequent bootstrappers, the
source packages should be available from snapshots.debian.org, and
the /etc/apt/preferences in the buildd chroot must be amended with
entries for the relevant arch:all subpackages:

Package: glib-networking-common
Pin: version 2.32.3-1~m68k.1
Pin-Priority: 1001

Package: gvfs-common
Pin: version 1.12.3-1~m68k.1
Pin-Priority: 1001

By now, I learned that the versioning scheme told to me initially
isn’t enough: you append +${archname}.1 (not just +${archname}, in
case you do multiple uploads) ONLY IF adding features and when the
version currently in unstable cannot ever work. If making bootstrap
packages or similar things, you use ~${archname}.1 instead, so that
when the issue is resolved, the version from unstable can be built
and is newer. (I fsck’d up avahi. Sorry about that.)

>(BTW, wasn’t there an idea to have multiple stages of build-dependencies
>to avoid that kind of issues?)

Yeah, but that’s not in Debian yet. I listen a bit to the relevant
GSoC projects’ mailing list, and they even haven’t decided on the
“best” way to encode these. (Plus, debian/rules would have to cope
with missing B-D. OTOH, I’d love a generic way to document optional
B-D since mksh has several of them.)

>Thanks for your porting work!

You’re welcome! I can only recommend this to others (at least avr32
and powerpcspe are up for picks; hppa is taken off dpo AFAICS, and
alpha and sh4 might appreciate helpers), it’s a great way to learn
more about Debian and the “modern GNU/$kernel/x.org/fd.org ecosystem”.
(Takes some cursing, though…)

Support mksh as /bin/sh and RoQA dash NOW!
‣ src:bash (249 (268) bugs: 0 RC, 175 (189) I&N, 74 (79) M&W, 0 F&P)
‣ src:dash (76 (88) bugs: 3 RC, 31 (35) I&N, 42 (50) M&W, 0 F&P)
‣ src:mksh (1 bug: 0 RC, 0 I&N, 1 M&W, 0 F&P)
http://qa.debian.org/data/bts/graphs/d/dash.png is pretty red, innit?

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