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Re: atafb and X/fbdev

Have you tried the VGA modes (vga256 for instance)? That might boil down to
interleaved planes in the end though.

Yes, vgs256 was interleaved too. From my limited understanding of
atafb.c all modes are interleaved or monochrome.

That's the way the Falcon VIDEL is wired up then.

You will have to go back to one of the earlier Debian releases (slink or
potato) for Atari support in the X server. potato should still have the
required code.

Hrm, okay. I couldn’t find much in the ’net except a reference to
xfree68 but was unable to find that, either. Too bad, all the history…

Seaching for "xfree86 fbdev server m68k" does refresh my memory a bit -
the server package was called xserver-fbdev and you will find a sample config file at http://people.debian.org/~cts/debian-m68k/slink/XF86Config - Christian is
away overseas ATM or else he might be able to give a few hints here.

The entry

   Driver      "FBDev"

in the 'Screen' section is what directs xfree86 to use the generic frame buffer server.
you don’t happen to know the _package_ name of the server, and the
needed config? ;-)

See above - it's xserver-fbdev, IIRC version 3.3.6 was the last to work. Also take a look at http://people.debian.org/~cts/debian-m68k/slink/debian-m68k-faq
for a few likely X troubleshooting hints.

Blast from the past really - I never had much fun running X on my (unaccelerated) Falcon mainly because the system became really unstable at high resolution or color depth. Waiting for 10 minutes while the X server starts up was a bit annoying, too.

Are you trying to get the old X server running in ARAnyM, or 'just' port the interleaved bit planes code to current Xorg? If it's questions on the framebuffer memory layout and the VIDEL that you need answered, Andreas and Petr might be better suited here. Regarding building xfree from source - that's memories well suppressed which do not bear recalling.



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