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Re: Bug#680081: slang2: FTBFS: ar: src/elfobjs/*.o: ENOENT (probably named src/m68kelfobjs/ but why?)

Alastair McKinstry dixit:

>I can't reach crest.debian.net to test on m68k.

Right, the porterbox has hardware issues TTBOMK, but you can try this
on a VM youself: https://wiki.debian.org/Aranym/Quick

>The following changes were made to CFLAGS

Hm, this did not look like a CFLAGS issue to me.
I think the problem begins here:

/tmp/buildd/slang2-2.2.4/autoconf/mkinsdir.sh /tmp/buildd/slang2-2.2.4/src/m68kelfobjs                           

Other architectures have there things like:

/build/buildd-slang2_2.2.4-15-mips-eVjn2y/slang2-2.2.4/autoconf/mkinsdir.sh /build/buildd-slang2_2.2.4-15-mips-eVjn2y/slang2-2.2.4/src/elfobjs

This looks to me like the Makefile or something is special-casing
m68k, so the pathname does not match what the rest of the Debian
packaging expects.

>Can an m68k builder test these?

I could test (though I don’t believe that to be the issue), but
the diff arrived here mangled, i.e. missing filenames and not

>Maybe it was -D_REENTRANT?

This is very unlikely IMHO.

Still thanks for the quick response!

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