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Re: Qt4 idle-spin issue

Dixi quod…

>Now it works for a short while and then sits there idly
>(top shows 0% CPU usage). Interrupting this, I get a
>backtrace of:

This is still an issue with qt4-x11_4.8.2-1.dsc and I think
that this is because Qt uses the fallback “atomic” functions
emulated by pthreads, which are also the cause for needing
the patch in #660963 as no other platform uses it it’s bound
to be much less tested.

So, maybe the fix would be implied in writing up some real
atomic glue for Qt4? Any takers?

Note that compiling Qt4 shouldn’t be done with a hard disc
with few free space. I took my May 2012 (IIRC) image and
cleaned up $HOME and /var/cache/pbuilder/aptcache, and it
looks to be working (it has an 11G /).

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