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d-p.o problems, sources.list trick


leda.debian.net a.k.a. ftp.debian-ports.org has issues,
and Aurélien says he is busy. Bad.

I’ve found that you can get the arch:all packages from unstable
with the following line in sid’s apt:

deb [arch=all] http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian unstable main

That leaves us with the arch:m68k packages and unreleased.
I’ve downloaded pool-m68k/ from d-p.org and sync’d it to
the latest packages, removed experimental from it and made
a new index. The result is:

deb http://users.unixforge.de/~tglaser/dpo68k/ debian-ports main

It will contain source (so deb-src works) for the unreleased
suite but not unstable, as that comes from a normal mirror:

deb-src http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian unstable main

The dpo68k repository is signed by the same key as my bootstrap,
up-to-date package and hacks repository, which you should probably
include anyway:

deb https://www.freewrt.org/~tg/debs68k/ sid main

You’ll need the 'wtf-debian-keyring' package from that, or the
key 0x405422DD imported. Note that the debs68k repository also
contains hacked packages, things never uploaded, older versions
of packages from snapshots.d.o, things which aren't currently
in sid (ghc6, I’m still working on bootstrapping ghc 7.4), and
cross-compiled things (currently, an Atari special kernel based
on 3.2.6-1 from sid but with all of m68k-queue applied and a
slimmer .config), so if you need to ensure Debian pureness,
do not add that repository but only take the key from that.

(On the other hand, I’m not updating dpo68k often, if at all,
but put things I’m building at the moment into debs68k since
that is quicker.)

This is just a crutch until aurel32 gets spare time to work on dpo,
but I thought you’d appreciate it. Note that dpo68k alone is 8 Gigs…
FWIW I did apply proper ftpmaster overrides to it.

Use debs68k for debootstrapping, it’s still currently the only
sane repository for doing it. (It also uses ftpmaster overrides.)
It supports standard, buildd and minbase flavours.

rsyslog is still broken, so you’ll need sysklogd; udev appears to work.

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