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Re: linux-image-3.2.0-1-4kc-malta: Should include built-in support for ext4

Jonathan Nieder dixit:

>Thorsten Glaser wrote:
>>                           Why? Why add ext4fs but not, say,
>> reiserfs?
>The rationale is that ext4 is what d-i defaults to in wheezy.  Getting

Ah okay, that explains things. This sucks. OK, then that change
is probably the best in the very short term.

>fun.  I'm not sure if d-i on m68k even works for wheezy yet, though,

It does. Wouter and, until some time ago apparently, Stephen
have kept it working. (Well, for amiga/atari/mac, but that’s
probably most of the population.) At least this I’m being told.

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