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Re: Please review this diff for atomic ops in mesa on m68k

Andreas Schwab dixit:

>>>>> mesa FTBFS on m68k due to lack of GCC atomic intrinsics. (Why are
>>>>> they (still) missing, anyway?) Ib>>>

>>> They are now implemented in 4.7.
>> Can they easily be backported to Debian's gcc 4.x (x = 6?)?

Seems so. I’m trying that now (patched package is compiling
on m68k and an amd64 VM) so expect results in three days or
so. ☺

Is there a (mostly standalone?) testcase for these builtins?
I must confess I program serially (must be because I brought
myself up with GW-BASIC and DEBUG on DOS) so I have very few
knowledge in the threads/atomic/sync/locks area…

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