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Re: Atari TT

I booted Linux 3.1-rc5 with a BusyBox initramfs on a 4 MB PowerBook recently. I had to create minimal configs for both, but it did indeed boot to a shell prompt.
Can you provide that ramdisk for this sort of tests? Over on linux-m68k, Alan has got past the framebuffer problem now, but his initrd fails to run some udev related binary. If yours does work without udev it might help him debug things further.
The kernel (with initramfs) was loaded by Pengiun within the free RAM availble under System 7 so I imagine this scenario isn't much different to the TOS/GEM scenario but I have no experience with Atari hardware. YMMV.
The ramdisk does not have to fit into the 4MB in the TT case, there's enough memory (just not of the 24bit addressable kind).



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