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Re: Trouble compiling stock Linux-3.0.8 for m68k using gcc-4.2.4

Thanks for the hint - I think I was too tired to realise that the
default config is utter rubbish - I didn't even have a platform selected
which probably was the problem.  Yes, I wanted to just compile
"a"/"some" kernel - I haven't even got Motorola hardware to play with at
the moment.

Now I only need to get hold of an A2232 and an Amiga, then I can repair
the driver :)


On 11.11.11 20:54, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> Enver Haase dixit:
>> so I got a cross tool-chain set up on an x86_64 host.
> I build only natively, regular proper Debian packages, but
> from what I’ve seen, this was no error source.
> On the other hand, a patched gcc-4.4 really helps; 4.3 and
> below had more issues.
>> Are there any patches for m68k somewhere?
> Yes, we have some in Debian.
> http://patch-tracker.debian.org/package/linux-2.6/3.0.0-6
> linux-2.6 (3.0.0-6) is a Linux 3.0.8 in upstream versioning.
> They’re not really needed to build “a” kernel, though;
> in the current version we seem to only have the ST-RAM
> patch (which is in 3.1 anyway). So this might be a config
> issue. I suggest you have a look at the configs in the
> Debian packages (just download a linux-image-*.deb and
> look inside it, they have the generated Config there).
> On the Debian side, ever since 3.0, there have been no
> technical problems any more.
> Maybe this helps, too:
> deb https://www.freewrt.org/~tg/debs68k/ cross main
> That’s a cross toolchain from Debian sid/amd64 to
> Debian sid/m68k. I haven’t used it in a while, though…
> Index: https://www.freewrt.org/~tg/debs68k/debidx.htm
> bye,
> //mirabilos

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