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Re: Problems installing ssmtp

Dirk Heinrichs dixit:

>BTW: aptitude crashes with SIGABRT on both Amiga and Aranym.

Yes, it’s broken. I told the maintainers, but their interest in
“obsolete” platforms is low. Also, do use sysklogd ipv rsyslog.

>[I'm not sure wether this is a general sid problem or specific to
>m68k, but after looking at the package inforamtion page for sid I
>decided to post it here, because of the special dep entry for m68k.]

Probably m68k.

>On a fresh sid install on my good old Amiga, I have problems
>installing ssmtp:
>The following packages have unmet dependencies:
> ssmtp : Depends: libgnutls26 (>= 2.5.9-0) but it is not going to be

Eh… weird.


root@aranym:~ # apt-cache show libgnutls26|fgrep ssmtp
Breaks: ccbuild (<= 2.0.1-1), csync2 (<= 1.34-2.2), freewheeling (<= 0.6-1.1), gkrellm (<= 2.3.4-1), libsoup2.4-1 (= 2.31.2-1), libsoup2.4-1 (<= 2.30.1-1), macopix-gtk2 (<= 1.7.4-3), pokerth (<= 0.8.3-3+b1), pokerth-server (<= 0.8.3-3+b1), sipsak (<= 0.9.6-2.1), slrn (<= 1.0.0~pre18-1.1), slrnpull (<= 1.0.0~pre18-1.1), snowdrop (<= 0.02b-9), ssmtp (<= 2.64-4), tf5 (<= 5.0beta8-4), wput (<= 0.6.2-2), zoneminder (<= 1.24.4-1)

I’ve built sendmail, drexim4 and postwreck… and nullmailer,
but I believe it’s broken as designed. But I believe I can
slide building ssmtp in for tonight. So please try again
tomorrow, after the 12:02 UTC archive run is done probably.
Monitor http://ftp.debian-ports.org/debian/dists/unstable/
(the mtime of the Release.gpg file) for that. Archive runs
currently take between 2 and 7 hours and are done every 6
hours. (Pretty crazy, maybe disc I/O, if ftp.d-p.o is a VM.)

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