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Updated base.cow


is sort of impressive (the upwards trend I started
in Q3/2010, and the bumps near 2011.0 and recent).

The userdirs http://people.debian.org/~tg/f/m68k/
and https://www.freewrt.org/~tg/ both contain a
new base.cow tarball – gzip’d this time, but you
can see the size differences – I *am* tempted to
go search my slink CDs and build xzdec statically
linked on that just so that I can use xz again.
(Use the mirror that’s faster for you – people.d.o
seems limited to just below 100 KiB/s in Europe,
whereas frozenfish has a pretty decent hoster.)

I omitted debconf-i18n, atari-bootstrap and both
atari- and mac-fdisk from the chroot, and replaced
sysv-rc + insserv by file-rc (who needs those in
a buildd chroot anyway?) and, as usual, configured
it a little. Simply cowbuilder --update should be
enough to get it going, and it conforms to “the
Debian way” just fine. It should also be usable
as a regular chroot for e.g. our Gentoo friends
for toying with (both it and Debian).

And yes, I’m still planning to make a new ARAnyM
base image. I’ve built almost all important and
standard packages now (waiting for some uploads,
most specifically cyrus-sasl2 and python2.7):

(There’s also an amd64 → m68k cross toolchain
using the exact same sources as my native builds;
can be used to test stuff quickly but I always
only dput natively-built packages, with the one
exception having been the intermediate kernel
images that are fully gone and replaced now.)

If Harry Potter gets a splitting headache in his scar
when he’s near Tom Riddle (aka Voldemort),
does Tom get pain in the arse when Harry is near him?
	-- me, wondering why it’s not Jerry Potter………

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